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March 11, 2011 - Cliqs SSEATM Social Search Engine Aggregator [ALPHA]

Our new Social Search Engine Aggregator is now open for Beta testers. This new service combined with our CLIQ ItTM for mobile, will make it easy to tap in to any information found on major social media sites.

Nov 5, 2010 - Local B2C Advertising Service

We are pleased to announce our new Local B2C Advertising Service for retail businesses. This service is currently available in very limited local areas in Texas only. Please stay tuned for more information.

Oct 5, 2009 - cliQs Social SearchTM

You can test drive our new social search engine called cliQs Social SearchTM.

Jul 2, 2009 - Local Social Network

Currently our Local Social Network is under beta testing and only available to beta testers.

April 22, 2008 - Video Ads

You can now embedd Youtube(tm) videos in your classifed ads.

Dec 12, 2007 - New Cities is now available in over 355 cities worldwide. With more than 548 local area neighborhoods.

Feb 3, 2007 - CLIQ ItTM - The New Way to Use your Mobile Phone

Post anything to using your mobile phone. Whether you want to sell or just share a photo, video or a song on the web using your mobile phone you can just cliQ ItTM.

cliQ ItTM is currently a private beta service, which means you must receive an invite from or a beta user to sign up. For more information click here.

Dec 20, 2006 - CLIQTM Security Technology
starts beta testing the CLIQTM Security Technology


October 12, 2006 - receives Prestigious Webmaster Award. won the prestigious Webmaster Award. Webmaster Awards judges have found to be in the top 2% of all the websites that they have reviewed. "Of the thousands of websites we review every month, our staff believes your web site to have exceptional graphics as well as unique & interesting content", says Webmaster Awards Team.

The Webmaster Award is one the fastest and hottest website awards on the net. The Webmaster Award is a special Internet award given only to those elite webmasters responsible for creating those websites that keep us up so late night after night.

"Everyone here is absolutely thrilled about receiving the Prestigious Webmaster Award". is a start up company based in Houston, Texas. With its exponential rise in user base, is well positioned to become a driving force in reshaping the $100B classified ads industry.

As Warren Buffett recently remarked, newspapers are in competition with the cemetery for readers. Although he owns the most profitable newspaper in the US, The Buffalo News, he would never make the same purchase in today's climate. He also mentioned what I consider the "2 by 24 problem" -- having 2 eyeballs and only 24 hours a day creates problems for media outlets competing for user/viewer attention in an age of expanding access points (Internet vs. TV). As more people spend their free and work time online, they migrate away from traditional media sources -- TV and newspapers -- and use the internet for news and entertainment, precipitating the eventual popularity of video. The large TV networks and newspapers must find a way to maintain their audience through online offerings.


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